Why are we celebrating THAIPUSAM?

February 9, 2012 Vel Info StoryMurugaTamilThaipusam

Our religion is one of the oldest religion which is inherited by Nayanmar’s, Yogi’s and ect. There’s always excellent reason behind every rituals/tradition. But sadly, this pocking culture, to say is a misleaded culture passed down by our encestors.. We never bother to ask the reason behind it and blindly followed it.

Now, Thaipusam has become a place to show off heroism of the so called devotes. Its sicken to see how ppl hurt themself  in the name of sacrifice, creating bad impression towards our religion.So, it’s time for younger generation start asking "Y" for every rituals they do/involve!! We must noe our religion well for the sake of our community and future generation!

So, let me tell you a small story.

  • Once,there’s a Murugan devotee called "Idumban", go all the way up the hill to do abishegam to Lord Murugan every day.
  • Not even missing a single day, he’d bring milk and water in a two different container,carries on his shoulder, using a long stick (like kavadi) and do thirumanjanam (abishegam) to Lord Murugan.
  • Then, one fine day,(month of Thai, Poose Natchatiram) Lord Murugan give Mukthi to Idumban for his pure dedication and bakthi.
  • Seeing this, ppl around his village started to do the same since then. They’ll bring milk, lemon juice, tairu, karumbu chaaru and ect to do thirumanjanam for Lord Murugan, hoping they’ll get His blessings, same like Idumban.

A correct way to carry paal kudamKaavadi

this is the statue of Ibumban carrying pots of milk and water



As time pass by, some how, this tradition was manipulated and misleaded.Actually,On Thaipusam, we can go to any Murugan temple, not only Batu Cave, bring any abhishegam items, witness the thirumanjanam (abishegam) then listen to His songs, sing along, and get His prasadham to home. Thats all!! Simple huh??

But what are we doing today??

instead of hanging it on his body, he should blend it into juice, and offer it in a pot! job done! 🙂


Thanks for all those comments, feedbacks and questions that I received so far. So lets tackle it out..

1) Born as Hindu (v r not baptized as in Christianity or Islam) does not mean that we can take our religion for granted. We do have Do and Don’t. The lack of knowledge about our religion didn’t allow you to just do anything. 🙂

2) Poking/Piercing- If religion all about love, then why should we hurt ourselves. This is logic. Believe me, with thousands of tirumurai’s we have now, not even a single line asked us to do that. Pls don’t let yourself confused.

3) Source- Few has actually asked me where I got the story from. It’s from Kanda Puranam.

4) Trance- short historySince souls/spirits are not allowed to enter the temple, they will be waiting at the ‘attang-karai’ to get a change to enter temple to pray to god and attain moksha.A traditional ceremony will be carried out during thiruvillas normally by sithars.They will fast and train themselves where they will b able to control the soul.So, on the day they will let the spirit in, enter the temple, let ‘them’ pray and let it back.And most important, they can actually control the soul, it means that jumping, crawling, flying, dancing, shouting or watever WILL NOT take place!

When we are nt able to do it, don’t do it! We not gonna achieve the objective behind it. simple 😉

5) Lets not talk about short run, maybe in next 10-20 years. What we gonna answer when our kid actually answer us about it. Shut up,saamy will kanne kutteran not gonna work anymore I guess. Lets us know the real history and mould back our religion.



Specail thanks to my sir Mr Darmalingam Nadarajan who actually thought me all this

kindly like this page and keep in touch..thanks


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