Ear Piercing by Indian – why

July 19, 2013 Vel EventsHinduInfo Story

Ear Piercing has been there in almost each civilization.Now a days i see many boys specially wearing a ear ring on one ea,.but there is reason behind it…After a baby is born, it is a general practice by the Ancient Indians to pierce the baby( both boys or girls) ears. Actually, it is a part […]


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Why should we go to Temple to Worship

February 11, 2013 Vel collectionHinduInfo StoryScienceVideo

Reason and facts about temple and why we should go there. http://goldendogs.ru/vzyat-kredit-na-pokupku-biznesa.phpмикрозаймы на кредитную картуmaxstec.com онлайн деньги в долг на кивиzloyrock.ru взять кредит на открытие бизнеса


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What is Thaipusam?

December 1, 2012 Vel collectionHinduInfo StoryinterestingMurugaShivaThaipusamWhat's New

sms spy android p>Thaipusam occurs in the month of Thai on the day of the Pusam star, which is a full moon day. According to legend it was also the day when Sivan showed his cosmic dance, Anantha Thandavam, to Pambukal Munivar (Saint Patanjali) and Pulikal Munivar (Saint Vyaghrapadar) in Sithambaram. It’s also a very […]


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Vengadachalapathi Swamy Thirumanjanam

September 16, 2012 Vel HinduInfo StoryPhoto BlogScienceVengadachalapathi

Thirumanjanam is also known as "Abishekam", but  this term used with reference to saivaite formalities. For Vaishnavites, it is "Thirumanjanam". Its very good to see Thirumanjanam at Vengadachalapathi temple, early morning. Usually around 4 to 5 am Morning. Visit this Vengadachalapathi sannnithanam by early morning and watch this thirumanjanam to get great bless of lord […]


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Abhichegam… and how, why?

August 5, 2012 Vel AmmancollectionDurgai ammanGaneshaHinduInfo StoryMahalakshmiScience

Abhisheka is one of the beautiful and important part of pooja. (Brahmans/ pandith/ poojari are not important). The process of performing abhisheka is: You have to put the idol on a clean and pure bowl. Then you have to purify the clean water by remembering Ganga ma and other sacred rivers. Then you have to […]


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