Nanthi Devar

June 17, 2012 Vel Info StoryNandiShiva

Nandi, with his head held high up in pride, walked towards Shiva, slowly and majestically. Then, to everyone’s great surprise, with one agile leap, Shiva planted himself on Nandi’s head. Nandi was of course, the most surprised. He tried to throw off the additional burden, but Shiva’s tender lotus like feet had already started moving […]


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Why are we celebrating THAIPUSAM?

February 9, 2012 Vel Info StoryMurugaTamilThaipusam

Our religion is one of the oldest religion which is inherited by Nayanmar’s, Yogi’s and ect. There’s always excellent reason behind every rituals/tradition. But sadly, this pocking culture, to say is a misleaded culture passed down by our encestors.. We never bother to ask the reason behind it and blindly followed it. Now, Thaipusam has […]


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