Arulmigu Sri Ramalingeswarar Temple, Bangsar

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A very nice temple at Jalan Marof, Bangsar. Once you go into temple, you can start feel peace and ralax. There are strong vibration at here and feel blessed once at there. Photos of temple as follow…               Best of all, here they keep varies statue of god.   […]


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The 63 saintly devotees of Lord Shiva

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The 63 saintly devotees of Lord Shiva. They are also known as Nayanars. Sundaramurthi Nayanar Tiru Neelakanta Nayanar Iyarpahai Nayanar Ilayankudi Mara Nayanar Maiporul Nayanar Viralminda Nayanar Amaraneedi Nayanar Eripatha Nayanar Enadinatha Nayanar Kannappa Nayanar Kungiliya Kalaya Nayanar Manakanchara Nayanar Arivattaya Nayanar Anaya Nayanar Murthi Nayanar Muruga Nayanar Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar Tiru Nalai Povar Nayanar […]


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How to do Aiyappa/Sabarimala Viratham – Swamy Sharanam

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Followings are rules to follow, during Aiyappan Swamy Viratham. Must follow in order for the blessing of Swamy. On the day before starting the viratham, the devotee has to shave, trim his nails and hair and make himself clean. The Thulasi Maalai or Rudraksha Pendants should be cleaned and smeared with sandal paste and placed […]


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Why should we go to Temple to Worship

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Reason and facts about temple and why we should go there.микрозаймы на кредитную карту онлайн деньги в долг на киви взять кредит на открытие бизнеса


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Nanthi Devar

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Nandi, with his head held high up in pride, walked towards Shiva, slowly and majestically. Then, to everyone’s great surprise, with one agile leap, Shiva planted himself on Nandi’s head. Nandi was of course, the most surprised. He tried to throw off the additional burden, but Shiva’s tender lotus like feet had already started moving […]


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Nandi at Shivan temple

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Nandi Devar is also worshipped with equal importance during Pradosha and is given a special abhisheka with milk, sandal paste, water, and other fragrant fluids. He is offered a very special dish made out of red rice (Puttarisi), sugar and ghee, which is later fed to the temple cow. Some people even take the liberty […]


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Correct method and science of pray God

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A. ‘While paying obeisance to God, bring the palms together. 1. The fingers should be held loose (not straight and rigid) while joining the hands or palms. 2. The fingers should be kept close to each other without leaving any space between them. 3. The fingers should be kept away from the thumbs. 4. The […]


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Penang Thaipusam 2012

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best site p>Time: Monday, February 6, 2012 at 6:00am until Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 11:00pm Official FB: Temple website: Pooja Hours (normal days) Morning : 7.00 Abishegam Morning : 7.30 Poojai Afternoon : 11.30 Abishegam Afternoon : 12.00 Poojai/Thrukkappu Evening : 5.00 Abishegam Evening : 6.00 Poojai Night : 8.30 Abishegam Night […]


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