Who is Idumban?

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WHO IS IDUMBAN? Sage Agastya wanted to take two hills — Sivagiri and Saktigiri — to his abode in the South and commissioned his asuran disciple Idumban to carry them. Idumban was one of the very few asuran survivors of the surāsuran war between Murugan”s forces and those of Surapadman. After surviving the war he […]


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What is Thaipusam & How it suppose to be

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Its A event to bring/offer Milk or Abichegam things to Lord Murugan. Its as simple as that. Refer to following Video for more detail. Special thanks to for the деньги в долг казань без банковденьги до зарплаты в магнитогорске мгновенный онлайн займ на карту расчетный счет для ооо продвижение сайта через социальные сети […]


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Why are we celebrating THAIPUSAM?

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Our religion is one of the oldest religion which is inherited by Nayanmar’s, Yogi’s and ect. There’s always excellent reason behind every rituals/tradition. But sadly, this pocking culture, to say is a misleaded culture passed down by our encestors.. We never bother to ask the reason behind it and blindly followed it. Now, Thaipusam has […]


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