How to do Aiyappa/Sabarimala Viratham – Swamy Sharanam

November 17, 2013 Vel AiyappanEventsHinduInfo Storyinteresting

Followings are rules to follow, during Aiyappan Swamy Viratham. Must follow in order for the blessing of Swamy. On the day before starting the viratham, the devotee has to shave, trim his nails and hair and make himself clean. The Thulasi Maalai or Rudraksha Pendants should be cleaned and smeared with sandal paste and placed […]


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Why should we go to Temple to Worship

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Reason and facts about temple and why we should go there.микрозаймы на кредитную карту онлайн деньги в долг на киви взять кредит на открытие бизнеса


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What is Thaipusam & How it suppose to be

January 19, 2013 Vel EventsfacebookHinduInfo StoryinterestingKuala LumpurMurugaPenangScienceTamilThaipusamVideo

Its A event to bring/offer Milk or Abichegam things to Lord Murugan. Its as simple as that. Refer to following Video for more detail. Special thanks to for the деньги в долг казань без банковденьги до зарплаты в магнитогорске мгновенный онлайн займ на карту расчетный счет для ооо продвижение сайта через социальные сети […]


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What is Thaipusam?

December 1, 2012 Vel collectionHinduInfo StoryinterestingMurugaShivaThaipusamWhat's New

sms spy android p>Thaipusam occurs in the month of Thai on the day of the Pusam star, which is a full moon day. According to legend it was also the day when Sivan showed his cosmic dance, Anantha Thandavam, to Pambukal Munivar (Saint Patanjali) and Pulikal Munivar (Saint Vyaghrapadar) in Sithambaram. It’s also a very […]


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How to prepare Maa Vilakku

October 9, 2012 Vel AmmanDurgai ammanHinduInfo StoryinterestingKaliamman

Maa Villakku I offer this to the Lotus Feet of The Supreme Mother Goddess Ambagarathur Batrakaliamman. Many tamilians also do MaaVillakku puja on one of the Aadi Velli Kizhamai. For the benefit of the families who have this practice, I have given the recipe for a small MaaVillakku. Ingredients Rice – 2 cups Jaggery – […]


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Vengadachalapathi Swamy Thirumanjanam

September 16, 2012 Vel HinduInfo StoryPhoto BlogScienceVengadachalapathi

Thirumanjanam is also known as "Abishekam", but  this term used with reference to saivaite formalities. For Vaishnavites, it is "Thirumanjanam". Its very good to see Thirumanjanam at Vengadachalapathi temple, early morning. Usually around 4 to 5 am Morning. Visit this Vengadachalapathi sannnithanam by early morning and watch this thirumanjanam to get great bless of lord […]


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Abhichegam… and how, why?

August 5, 2012 Vel AmmancollectionDurgai ammanGaneshaHinduInfo StoryMahalakshmiScience

Abhisheka is one of the beautiful and important part of pooja. (Brahmans/ pandith/ poojari are not important). The process of performing abhisheka is: You have to put the idol on a clean and pure bowl. Then you have to purify the clean water by remembering Ganga ma and other sacred rivers. Then you have to […]


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Waterfall Hilltop Temple Kumbavishegam -The Fire Fighters

August 3, 2012 Vel EventsHinduInfo StoryMurugaPenangScienceTamilVideo

The Largest Murugan Temple in South East Asia-Waterfall Hilltop Temple Penang Malaysia.The consecration of the new temple climaxes with the sprinkling of the Holy Water.The Indian Penang Fire Fighters worked behind the scene to make it a memorable occasion for the worshipers. кредит для открытия малого бизнеса заявка на кредитную карту банк почтой кредитная карта […]


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Nandi at Shivan temple

June 17, 2012 Vel HinduInfo StoryShivaStatue

Nandi Devar is also worshipped with equal importance during Pradosha and is given a special abhisheka with milk, sandal paste, water, and other fragrant fluids. He is offered a very special dish made out of red rice (Puttarisi), sugar and ghee, which is later fed to the temple cow. Some people even take the liberty […]


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