Padang Meha, Shree Maha Mariamman Temple

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Padang Meha  is a Rubber  estate once upon a time. Currently, its renamed as Alamanda Parklands, a new township at Kedah, Malaysia. Here, located a great Amman Temple. Due to demolishment of estates around this temple, those deities temples at temples there placed at here as sub-temple. On my recent visits, its under going renovations. […]


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Penang Shivan Temple on 5th April 2012

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On 5th april 2012, prayers done after temple renovation. Yagasalai poojai conducted. This is a homam as pre-event for kumba abhichegam.  


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Penang Shivan Temple before moved to temporary temple

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On 4th March 2012, Balalabichegam done at Penang shivan Temple. This is do bring deities from actual temple to temporary temple in order to do renovation to actual temple.    


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