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Thaipusam 2015 :: Thannirmalai Shree Bala Thandayuthabani Alayam

January 21, 2015 Vel facebookHinduInfo StoryMurugaTamilThaipusamWhat's New

Hilltop Waterfall Temple, Penang, Year 2015 Thaipusam flyers 4 pages     Courtesy of temple fb pages


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Sokka Paanai for Karthigai festival at Shree Maha Mariamman Temple

December 5, 2014 Vel EventsHinduInfo StoryinterestingMurugaPenangTamilVideoWhat's New

Sokka Paanai or "Sorkka Paavanai" is a bonfire grows up to sky level on Karthigai festival day one. Sokka Paanai is event sequence: On the evening of Karthigai day, dried coconut leaves are tied together right in front of the temple. Karthigai prayers will held at temple. A clay pot will be put after the […]


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Penang Hindu Youth Organisation, Ubayam at Shree Maha Mariamman Temple, Alma Bukit Mertajam

August 28, 2014 Vel AmmanEventsHinduInfo StoryinterestingPenangPhoto BlogShaktiWhat's New

Penang Hindu Youth Organisation, alma Branch had Ubayam at Alma Temple by evening on 28 August 2014 . It was a grand events by youths and devotee.


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Tamil new year horoscope for year of vijaya 2013 – 2014

April 12, 2013 Vel collectionfacebookHinduInfo StoryinterestingScienceTamilWhat's New

நந்தன வருடம் நிறைவடைந்து புதிய தமிழ் வருடமான விஜய வருடம் பிறக்கிறது. 13.4.2013 சனிக் கிழமை நள்ளிரவு மணி 1.24க்கு சுக்ல பட்சத்து சதுர்த்தி திதி, கார்த்திகை நட்சத்திரம் நான்காம் பாதம், ரிஷப ராசி மகர லக்னம் 4-ம் பாதத்தில், நவாம்சத்தில் மேஷ லக்னம் மீன ராசியில், ஆயுஷ்மான் நாம யோகத்தில் வனிசை நாம கரணத்தில், அமிர்தயோகம், நேத்திரமற்ற, ஜீவனம் நிறைந்த நன்னாளில் பஞ்சபட்சியில் வல்லூறு இரவு நான்காம் சாமத்தில் துயில் கொள்ளும் நேரத்தில் சூரிய தசையில், […]


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What is Thaipusam?

December 1, 2012 Vel collectionHinduInfo StoryinterestingMurugaShivaThaipusamWhat's New

sms spy android p>Thaipusam occurs in the month of Thai on the day of the Pusam star, which is a full moon day. According to legend it was also the day when Sivan showed his cosmic dance, Anantha Thandavam, to Pambukal Munivar (Saint Patanjali) and Pulikal Munivar (Saint Vyaghrapadar) in Sithambaram. It’s also a very […]


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Maha Navarathiri Vizha 2012 at Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple

October 7, 2012 Vel AmmanEventsKaliammanPenangTamilWhat's New

Aum Sakhti..!!! Join us in one of the grandest ever Navarathiri celebration in Penang…!!! Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Jelutong, Penang cordially invites all devotees of Ambal to our blissfull Navarathiri celebration which going to be held from the 15th of October to 27th of October 2012. Daily ubayam and cultural shows will be conducted during this […]


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Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple, Penang

September 2, 2012 Vel collectionHinduMurugaPenangShivaThaipusamVideoWhat's New

Penang, Waterfall Hilltop Temple or also known as Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Murugan Temple, discovery video. The temple overview after 2 month of maha kumbhabichegam (opening prayers). Recorded by 31st August 2012 ( Malaysia Independent Day). This video shows complete views of Newly build penang thaipusam temple, Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Temple. банковские вклады сбербанкhttp://mundosol.es/bistrie-zaymi-na-kartu-cherez-internet.phpxn--80adialcdbsxb9ayee.xn--p1ai получить кредитные карты банков […]


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Penang Arulmigu Balathandayuthabani Alayam

June 30, 2012 Vel EventsHinduMurugaPenangPhoto BlogThaipusamWhat's New

Penang Arulmigu Balathandayuthabani Alayam, a day after maha kumbabhicegam. Photos captured by 30 June 2012. The beauty of Largest Murugan Temple can foresee in this photo gallery. Vel Vel Vetri Vel. best pc antivirus software zp8497586rq nordim.ru оформить экспресс кредитную картуmartinkee.com уральский банк оформить кредитную картукредитную кредит микро на картусрочно нужны деньги в долг в […]


New Thannirmalai Thandayuthabani Temple Penang – Pre-Opening (Video)

June 24, 2012 Vel EventsHinduInfo StoryMurugaPenangPhoto BlogStatueTamilThaipusamVideoWhat's New

New Thannirmalai Thandayuthabani Temple Penang – Pre-Opening New Thannirmalai Murugan (Thaipusam) temple, also known as Penang Waterfall hilltop top temple, preparation before grand kumbabhichegam on 29 June 2012. It is said that our faith had no name to begin with. As western civilization came in contact with the Indus civilization in India, they termed the […]


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Pre-Opening Photos of New Thannirmalai Temple Penang

June 23, 2012 Vel EventsMurugaPenangPhoto BlogStatueTamilThaipusamWhat's New

Largest and Tallest Temple In Asia after India. Once i was there, i feel like visit a temple at India. I believe vastu works at there. Peace Environment can foresee… карта кредитная мтс заявкабыстрый заем на карту рублей 1000 деньги долг в онлайнкредитка приватбанк голд drivemir.ru gratis casino spel cleopatra аноним спрашивай ру отзывыokneo скачать […]


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