Definition Of Lord Murugan Six Face

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Murugan is popularly depicted as having six faces and twelve arms. The poets like to address Him as "Arumugan" {Lord of Six Faces}
The sacred functions of Murugan as having six faces are described as thus :
* One face sheds rays of Light and removes the dense darkness shrouding the world.
* One face with gracious look lovingly showers boons on his devotees who praise Him with Love and Joy.
* One face watches over the sacrifices of the Brahmans who perform them without deviating from the strict Vedic traditions.
* One face like full moon, which brightens all the quarters of the world, lights the sages’ minds to enable them to search for hidden Truth.
* One face with raging heart performs battle-sacrifice-destroy His enemies .
* One face smiles lovingly on His young consort, the pretty daughter of the hunting tribe
Other Descriptions of Murugan
"the Child of Kottravi" – the Goddess of Victory (Durga)
"the Child of the Ancient One"
"the Captain of the Heavenly Hosts"
"the Lord of the Mountain Region"
"the Lord who holds the Victorious Spear"
"the Heroic Lord with the Victorious banner gained in war"
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