Sokka Paanai for Karthigai festival at Shree Maha Mariamman Temple

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Sokka Paanai or "Sorkka Paavanai" is a bonfire grows up to sky level on Karthigai festival day one.

Sokka Paanai is event sequence:

  1. On the evening of Karthigai day, dried coconut leaves are tied together right in front of the temple.
  2. Karthigai prayers will held at temple.
  3. A clay pot will be put after the deity with fire on it.
  4. It will be bring to front of temple, where tied coconut leaves located.
  5. Some prayers done there.
  6. Set fire to the coconut leaves.
  7. The celebration of  "Kaarthigai Theepam" happen.

This festival celebrated for Lord Murugar or Karthigeyan on Month of Karthigai with Karthigai Star. It also will be full moon.

Check out the video, on how this prayer is done…


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