Guides on Kamaatchi Amman vilakku or Asthalakshmi vilakku

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Sami VilakkuEvery altar MUST have a lamp made from brass (vengalam) or now gold coating (plated). This lamp usually a Kamaatchi Amman vilakku or Asthalakshmi vilakku. This vilakku is known as “Nilaivilakku”. It should be placed on a small tray and kept in the middle facing east (very auspicious). You can keep on the left of your Istha Deivam.

You may keep the vilakku facing north, Never ever placed it facing SOUTH. Do not use eversilver lamp.

How to keep our vilakku in the best condition. Remember based from our vilakku, we can know how is a situation of one house, because Goddess Mahalakshmi reside in the vilakku. You can see all the Asthalakshmi(8 Mahalakshmi ) in one villaku.

Ok keep coin in the vilakku, it means put like 10sen, 20sen, 50sen inside the vilakku, dip in to the oil. Under the villaku you can place Sri chakra or Rice or Mahalaksmi printed coins. Dun let the vilakku get dirt, don’t wash vilakku on Tuesday and Friday. Always if can place a flower near to the vilakku. Never blow to put out the vilakku, use flower to cool it down or pull the wick(thiri) backward into the oil. Never let the wick burn and finish. Always keep an eye on the vilakku.

Ok can we keep the vilakku 24hours lit up? No because there is a time god need to go out to do and fulfill all your needs. So if you lift up the Kamaatchi Amman vilakku 24hours means god will be at you home only. So think about it. It is good to light up when morning prayers and evening prayers.

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