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Different types of Pradosham and benefits Pradosham is basically during 4.30 to 6.00 pm and worship of lord Shiva is done two times every month.There are different types of prodosham that provide immense benefits to all people.

  • Nithya Pradosham:
    The daily time before 90 minutes of sunset is called as nithya pradosham.Worshiiping lord Shiva will bring good things in life.
  • Divya Pradosham:
    During pradosham, if it comes with thuvathasi and thrayothasi tithi, it is called as divya pradosham.Worshiping maragatha lingam at this time will remove previous birth karma, bring benefit in court cases, will bring good bonding between husband and wife.Panchaloga lingam can also be used for this worship.
  • Deepa Pradosham:
    Saturday pradosham on thrayodasi tithi is called as deepa pradosham which is also called as mahapradosham.During this day, one can light lamps in numbers of his age.
  • Saptharishi Pradosham:
    After pradosha pooja, one can stand on east side and can look at sky and can worship mentally remembering great sages and this type of worship is called saptharishi pradosham.
  • Aegatchara Pradosham:
    Maha pradosham that comes only one time in a year is called as aegatchara pradosham.During this day, one can chant “OM” in Shiva temples that will remove crore doshas.
  • Arthanari pradosham:
    Maha pradosham that comes two times in a year, it is called arthanari pradosham.Separated couples who worship lord Shiva on these days will start living together.
  • Thirikarana pradosham:
    Maha pradosham that comes 3 times in a year is called as thirikarana As people get to know you better, they discover your inner self, defined by your gemini horoscope Sun, which is extremely mobile, lively, and curious, and endowed with great communication skills. pradosham.People who worship on these days will get blessings of ashtalakshmi.
  • Bramma pradosham:
    Pradosham of four saturdays is called as bramma pradosham.People are blessed with removal of ancestors curse and removal of previous karma when they worship Lord Shiva on these days.
  • Atcharaba Pradosham:
    If Mahapradosham comes 5 times in a year it is called as atcharaba pradosham.People who did wrong knowingly can worship Lord Shiva on these days for removal of sins.
  • Kandha Pradosham:
    The pradosham day that comes on thrayodhasi tithi on krithigai star is called as kandha pradosham.People who worship lord muruga can worship Lord Shiva on this day.
  • Jadjapraba Pradosham:
    Seven mahapradosham during one year is called as jadjapraba pradosham.People who worship Lord Shiva on these days will be blessed for no rebirth.
  • Astathik Pradosham:
    Eight mahapradosham during a year is called as astathik pradosham and people will get long, famous life if they worship Lord Shiva on these days.
  • Navagraga pradosham:
    Nine mahapradosham during a year is called as navagraga pradosham and people will be blessed with removal of navagraga dosha if they worship Lord Shiva on these days.
  • Thutha Pradosham:
    Ten mahapradosham during a year is called as thutha pradosham and one will be blessed with the best things in life, if they worship Lord Shiva on these days.



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